Average daily use of the internet via a mobile phone is 3 hours 24 minutes. We believe in developing apps are worth the time spend by mobile internet users. Our forte lies in designing a smart & sleek user interface and developing an app that is powered with latest technical features. Mobile app development for ecommerce ventures is our USP.



The iOS app development team at Ecumen uses objective C programming language with COCOA. We also use MAC OS X systems and Xcode IDE. App development requires specific skills that ensure development of a user-friendly app. We have all skills in-house to develop an amazing app for you.

Core Capabilities:
Development of apps right from scratch to App Store submission
iPhone SDK upto iOS 8
iPhone Applications dependent on Accelerometer, GPS, Mapping location services and Database integration
Push notifications and in-app purchasing (mobile-commerce)
Audio and Video streaming
Content Management System



Besides developing apps in enterprise space, we have also developed consumer-focused apps and games on Android platform for our clients. Mobile apps development is one of our major USPs.

Core Capabilities:
Android Software Development Kit (SDK)
3D Graphics
Android Media API’s
Location- based Service API’s
Wi-Fi API’s
Android Security Architecture


  • We will ask you to send detailed requirements, with the kind of features you are looking for, what kind of users do you have, and what are their access levels, an overall idea of the flow of application, etc. We will than go ahead and analyze it, do some question/answer and get back to you with an estimate on cost and time.

  • We will start preparing the rough wire frame once our proposal is accepted. The wire frame will consist of static html pages linked with each other. This will illustrate the flow of the whole application from a functional perspective. Once this is approved by you, we will use the wire frame to design the layout/screens for app pages.

  • We will move ahead on Design layout/screens once the wire frame is accepted. We will start with the master theme to give you an idea about how the application will look like in real time. We will do this by selecting any key page that has maximum content. Once the master theme is approved, we will use the same theme to design other pages and send them to you for approval. Please refer to our UI Design approach for more details.

  • Based on layouts/screens approved, we will then go ahead to slice into html5/CSS markup, that can be used by the development team later. Please refer to our PSD to html5/CSS for more details.

  • This process will run side by side with Step #3 and Step4. While the design layout/screens are in process, our development team will design the database as per the wire frame and start working on the admin section.

  • We will use the HTML sliced pages and start doing front end as well as Admin panel coding. We will develop each section of the app as per the wire frame.

  • We will perform our internal testing once the development is done. We will fix the bugs and enhance the functionality by putting in add-ons wherever required.

  • We will release the application for client (your) review, and account for any value additions that the client is looking for.

  • Once all set, we will either send you all the source code and DB script so you can set up on your client’s server and go live. Or we can do the job for you.

  • We provide free support for 15 days for any bugs found while the application is running live.